Bias and straight binding material from fabric

Would you like to buy binding material from fabric or elastic bias tape on a roll? Then you have arrived at the right place at Binding factory Devos in Kruisem, in Belgium. Every year, millions of meters of fabric roll through our machines. When talking about this type of fabric, we distinguish between straight fabric and slanted binding material. The bias fabric that you can buy on a roll is also known as biais, bias tape or bias ribbon.

The difference between bias tape and straight binding material from fabric

There are a couple of differences between the bias tape you can buy on a roll and the regular straight fabric of binding material.

Straight fabric:

In addition to the stretch bias tape, we also have a very extensive stock of straight fabrics. All kinds of qualities and materials are available, in many different colours. We also often do contract work whereby we process your fabrics for you.

Bias tape:

In the production of elastic bias tape and binding material, the straight fabric is laid at an angle. This way, the bias tape becomes stretchy, which makes it easier to use the elastic fabric to round off curves. If desired, you can buy bias tape in piping. As we are specialists in folding and cutting textiles, so you can also choose to buy your tape in folded form.

Our different types of bias and straight binding, available in every width.

What is bias ribbon or bias binding?

Bias is a word that not a lot of people are familiar with. Nevertheless, we all see and use it on a daily basis, without realizing it. In the world of textile, bias, bias binding or bias ribbon is a very common and necessary material. Bias comes from the French word for diagonal. It is therefore self-explanatory that this is a diagonal thread.

Why do you need a diagonal thread (bias) instead of a straight thread?

An important question that a lot of people ask themselves is: why do we need a diagonal thread (bias) instead of a straight thread? The answer is quite simple: a straight fabric is not elastic and cannot be stretched like diagonal binding material. Trying to make a round shape with a non-elastic fabric will lead to problems. It will create folds and creases. The resulting shape will never be fully round, but rather a polygon with many sides. When creating the binding material out of fabric, we put the thread at an angle of 12°, 38° or 45°. We do this with many sorts of materials, such as bio cotton, polyester cotton, vilene, polyester satin, and non-woven materials. By making an elastic binding (read: elastic bias), we can easily border round shapes, think of items such as parasols, lingerie, children’s clothing, table cloths, car seats, and carpets.

Which widths are available for our straight binding and bias binding?

Since we produce everything on the customer’s demand, our bias ribbon is available in every width. The end product all depends on your wishes.

Which colours are available for our bias ribbon?

Do you want a particular colour for the fabric of your binding material? We offer our bias in many different colours. Please consult our colour chart to see them all. There you will also find the colours of our other products, such as our webbing tape.

How do we deliver our bias binding to you?

We always start with bias on a roll. This is then cut to size, resulting in binding on discs. We always try to find the easiest way to deliver our products to you.

Discover all possibilities

There are so many possibilities when you decide to buy fabric binding material from Binding factory Devos. If you want, we can supply our bias binding in piping cord or folded. We can customize all our products, such as our elastics for automotive purposes, to your needs. Do you wish to know more about our services? Call us at +32 (0) 9 384 44 33 today or send an email to

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