Vilene products

For over 15 years, we have been the proud supplier of Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel SE & Co. KG, which remains one of the major players on the vilene market.

Vilene is used for reinforcement. Using different stitches, as illustrated below, we can add even more strength. It is most commonly found in the clothing industry. The vilene is sewn or ironed onto the fabric.

Several types of vilene products


A short embroidery stitch in which the upper and lower threads are wrapped around each other using a spool, creating a single line on both sides.

Chain stitch

An embroidery stitch that looks like a chain. The stitches are loops, that are attached to each other. The stitch can be used both for a single line-shaped element and for filling patches.

Blind stitch

The blind stitch or blind hemline consists of little short stitches and is invisible from the outside of the fabric. It is therefore perfect for hemlines. This stitch yields at the hemline, making it perfect for working with round shapes, like a table cloth.

Double blind stitch

For a double hemline, the bottom of the fabric is folded twice before stitching.

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