Our machinery is very well equipped to cut various types of textiles, such as biais. These are mainly cut on rolls. We can also cut various types of materials to length, both cold-cut and ultrasonically. Thanks to our experience in this segment, you are sure to sit well with us for a very high-quality result. We cut both our own materials and customer materials (contract work).

Our biggest speciality is cutting fabrics into biais at the desired width.

The difference between bias and straight fabric

There are some differences between bias tape and fabric that we cut in straight thread.

Straight fabric:

Apart from stretchy bias tape that you can buy from us, we also have a very extensive stock of straight fabrics. All types of qualities and materials are available, in very many different colours. We also often do contract work where we process the customer’s fabrics.

Bias Ribbon:

When producing elastic bias tape, the straight fabric is laid at an angle. In this way, the bias tape becomes stretchy. This elastic fabric is used to trim round shapes nicely. If required, we can go a step further and fold the bias tape or turn it into a piping.

Would you like to buy elastic bias tape? Then you are in the right place at Bandfabriek Devos in Kruisem, near Ghent. Millions of metres of fabric roll through our machines every year. When we talk about fabric, a distinction is made between straight fabric and slanted fabric. The fabric we cut here at an angle, which you can buy in rolls, is also called biais, bias tape or bias ribbon.

We have a wide range of machinery where we can cut fabric to a desired width, also known as block cutting. These are machines where the blade passes through the fabric. The maximum width of a roll of fabric we can process is 240cm. We even cut to a width of 4mm.

We have a machine where we can unroll, cut and rewind a roll of fabric, also known as slitting. Here, we can easily process jumbo rolls of several thousand metres. Different widths per roll are also possible.

The maximum width here is 180 cm.

With our die cutting machine, we can cut and punch a wide range of materials with precision. Our customer-oriented approach allows us to create specific shapes quickly, which means that we can produce both small and large quantities at short notice.

Ultrasonic cutting is also part of our capabilities. We ultrasonically cut a ribbon (webbing, twill, satin ribbon, elastic, etc.) to length. Because it is cut ultrasonically, fraying is not possible. We even have a possibility to ultrasonically cut out a round shape.

If ultrasonic cutting is not absolutely necessary, cold cutting is also an option.

We have a CNC digital cutting machine where we can cut a shape from a fabric, also known as plotting. It offers a more accurate and efficient alternative to traditional manual cutting methods and can handle a wide range of materials with different thicknesses.

Punching involves cutting pieces defined in size and shape from the material at regular intervals. The perforated punch lines specify the fold and seam allowances. This makes folding and topstitching the perforated tape easier.

Have your textiles cut by an experienced company
We are an experienced company that has specialised in everything to do with textile binding for many years. This includes not only cutting textiles into biais, but also folding textiles or piping. You can come to us with all your wishes and needs. We cut our own textiles, which we keep in stock here, but you can also supply your own materials. This way, you can be sure that your product will be completely custom-made! If you prefer to purchase a finished ribbon, you can choose from a very wide range. Just think of velcro, twill tape, webbing tape and many other textiles on rolls.

Have your textiles cut by us
Having your textiles cut (in bias) by us is choosing craftsmanship and quality. If you are interested, you can always contact us. You can do so by calling +32 (0) 9 384 44 33, by sending an e-mail to or by filling in our contact form. Are you curious about who we are and what we do? Then be sure to read more about us!

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