Bandfabriek Devos in Kruisem, near Ghent, is the right address for customized textiles. Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, we are able to bring special requests to a successful conclusion. We also have a very wide network in the textile world, which enables us to go out and produce any product. We also often do contract work whereby we process the customer’s fabric(s). You can have your custom-made product produced by us with confidence.

Would you like to have your custom-made textile product made by a real expert? Then take a look at some examples of our already completed projects:

Customized on length

Our customers regularly ask us whether we can cut articles to length. Just think of rubber bands, satin ribbon for the packaging industry, velcro, webbing, etc. This can be done ultrasonically as well as cold-cut.

Elastic ultrasonically cut to length

Customized hook and loop pieces

Webbing cut on length with hook and loop stitched on

FR treatment and coating

As a supplier to the automotive industry, we (Arrotex) are specialised in supplying materials that have been treated with fire retardants. Think of listing, non-woven and elastics. In addition, we can also supply materials that are coated or laminated. Everything is tailored to the customer.

Fabric with FR treatment

Elastic with FR treatment

Fabric with coating

Customized stitching

Thanks to our large machine park and years of experience, you are of course at the right address for customized stitching. Some examples are given below. Everything is in consultation with the customer.

Stitching flags to a ribbon for the World Cup

Making custom-made handles for a mattress

Blind stitch on 2 layers of fusible web

Pockets for suits

Articles from recycled or organic material

We are increasingly being asked to supply organic cotton and articles made from recycled materials. We are also starting to focus more and more on this. We even have a separate colour card for our bio-cotton.

100% bio cotton

Twill ribbon from recycled material

Elastic from recycled material

Customized products

Bandfabriek Devos has recently started to make finished articles because the demand for them became bigger and bigger. You can find some examples below. Are you looking for a supplier who can make finished articles? Then you have come to the right place!

Custom-made pool cover

Shoulder straps for sports bags

Fully finished custom-made suit bags

Custom-made beanbag

Handle specially for a gift box

Customized prints

Of course, we also do your logo woven or printed on various types of ribbons! Your logo on our products? Contact us for more information.

Print on a satin ribbon

Printing on a cotton twill ribbon

Mattress strap with woven logo

If you want customized work and a product in textiles, you can always come to us. You can choose from the wide range of materials that we offer or you can deliver your textile on a roll yourself. Because we have been in the textile business for years, we are the perfect partner if you want to have a product cut, made or folded in custom-made products.

Call us or send us an e-mail

Are you interested in having your textile product custom-made? Then please contact us. You can also contact us if you have any questions about our products, such as mattress straps or other types of straps. Would you like to make an appointment to have your product custom made? Please call +32 (0) 9 384 44 33, send an e-mail to or fill out our contact form. We are the perfect partner to have your product custom-made!

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