Non-woven / texspun

Product specifications:

Material: Polypropylene
Minimum order quantity: 1.000 meters
Available widths: all widths are possible
Extra application: folding
Different colours available,

depending on grammage:



We supply our non-woven both cut and folded at the width desired by the customer. For non-woven, we have 4 colours in stock: white and black in the grammages 35 g/m², 60 g/m² and 100 g/m², and the colours beige and grey in the grammage 50 g/m².

Non-woven, also known as spun bond or texspun, is made out of polypropylene. In this fabric, small fibres are brought together to form a sort of spider web. This web is constructed in a specific way. No threads or yarn are used to produce this type of fabric.

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