Conditions Of Sale

Terms and Conditions of sale:

1. The seller undertakes only through his written confirmation of the order by the buyer.

2. Delivery dates are not binding on the seller, unless this is expressly stipulated in writing. The delivery is considered completed when the forwarder of the goods the seller receives. After delivery with the carrier transport happens at the risk of the buyer.

3. Complaints, except for what’s hidden productionfaults, will not be accepted when the goods were used or not registered already when the complaints were communicated within 8 days after receipt of the goods. The seller reserves the right to replace the rejected goods, either the statutory purchase value to pay back. The goods may not be returned without prior written consent of the seller. Such permission is not a recognition of the fact that the goods returned errors or do not agree with the order.

4. The invoices must be paid on the day listed on the front of the invoice or on the written order confirmation of the seller. Any delay of payment the buyer automatically required, even if the seller has not officially owing, interest of 12% per annum over the actual amount to pay, subject to all other damage that can be demanded by the seller. In the case of non-payment of the invoice on the agreed day, the seller can sue the buyer to obtain the most important amounts plus interest and costs, the costs will be borne by the buyer. In the case of non-payment of the invoice on the correct day and aside from the interest and costs as mentioned above, the total amount stated on the invoice will be increased by 12% with a minimum of 124 euro and a max. euro flat-rate compensation from 1860, as for non-payment of the invoice on the correct day.

5. accidents or cases of force majeure the seller will automatically exempt from his responsibilities.Nevertheless, each party reserves the right to destroy the contract without compensation when the delay arising from is more than 60 days.

6. When the buyer does not comply with the obligations stated in this contract or any other contract entered into with the seller, then keep all obligations of the seller until the buyer has automatically on its obligations met. When the buyer however does not meet within two weeks after written notice by registered letter, the seller can terminate the contract without his right to compensation.

7. current contract is only determined by the Belgian legislation. In a dispute concerning this contract will the commercial court of Oudenaarde have exclusive right to have.

8. written agreement of the Parties Outside the guidelines and conditions described herein will all guidelines and terms of the contract of buyer and seller include provision that can occur despite each opposite on the order or any other document issued by the buyer.

(*) The goods remain property of the seller until the purchase price payable by the buyer to the seller is not fully met, even if the goods were edited. Once the goods are delivered the buyer bears all loss and risk of destruction.